Veine Bois, a brand of Au Coeur 2: 100% artisanal manufacturing with 100% French wood

View from the workshop on the valley of Moyenmoutier

Au Coeur 2 dans les Vosges

Workshop of Nompatelize
Atelier de Nompatelize

Atelier de Nompatelize
Fabrication des chaises

Au Coeur 2

200 route des Jumeaux

88470 Nompatelize

Tel 06 18 90 42 38

 Our enterprise

Located in the heart of the Vosges, our company designs, manufactures and sells its products in wood and fabrics. We mainly use raw materials from our sector (wood and fabric) The man is not forgotten of course. All safety rules are scrupulously respected and often exceeded, particularly in terms of preventing MSDs.

What are the values of "Au Coeur 2"?

Au Coeur 2 is a small family business, located in the heart of the Vosges. The values of respect for the environment and for people are applied at all stages of production. The wood in the first place, and from local forests, not requiring much transport. The sawmill that makes the rough is 5 km from the workshop. This sawmill buys wood from a maximum of 50km around. Most of the wood used for the products comes from natural drying, and not from drying, except for applications where this is imperative for reasons of structural solidity (shooting wall and structure for collective places for example). Natural drying lasts approximately 2 to 10 years depending on thickness and species.

Components such as screws and pins are made in France (Pas de Callais and Jura). The machines used are small: in addition to their precision, they also have the advantage of having small motors, which therefore consume less energy. During product manufacturing, wood scraps are used to heat homes, and sawdust is composted to make potting soil. Nothing is lost! We therefore have 100% Vosges production, the label "I see life in Vosges" I see life in the Vosges Made in France


Je vois la vie en Vosges        Fabriqué en France



The control chains of all the sawmills, suppliers of Au Coeur 2, are PEFC approved PEFC label

Label PEFC


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200 route des Jumeaux

88470 Nompatelize


Tel 0033 (0)6 18 90 42 38


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